Chester Draws (hopefully your attention).

I have made a grand total of 8 pieces of this ilk over the years. The common theme is the very sculptural approach and the provision of drawer handles by carving/sculpting of the dawaer fronts

Anyway, here are some of them

A 5-drawer chest in oak photographed in the garden of CharlesRennie MacKintosh’s Hill House, Helensburgh in, I guess, about 2005.

I called this piece “Just a Couple of Lines”
This is an earlier pice – from the last century! The jointing between top and gables is by curved dovetails – completely mad.
and seriously earlier, the late seventies, a four drawer chest on stand in native walnut.
Walnut 5-drawer chest from about 1980
and an African Walnut 6-drawer from the early 80’s. The last significant piece I did in tropical hardwood and then only because I acquired it as part of a job lot. It was the first piece I did where the sculptured handles are integrated into a single form.

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