Our workshop address is

Gogar Cabinetworks

194, Glasgow Road

Edinburgh EH12 9BR

tel 0131 317 7240

email info@chrisholmes.co.uk

Visitors are always welcome by appointment.

The cabinetworks is based at Gogar Church which itself is a grade-B listed-building erected in 1890 and incorporating a pre-reformation chapel. This is an etching of the church in a local history book of the time. The proposed pitched roof on the tower never materialized. I guess they ran out of money, (as you do).

Gogar Church is now the last building left standing in its vicinity to the N of the Glasgow Road adjacent to the Royal Bank of Scotland flyover near Edinburgh Airport. For the last four and half years it has been blighted by the surrounding workings (and, for much of that time, the word “workings”can only be used in the loosest possible sense) of the  Edinburgh Tram Line and masterminded by the recently declared “not fit for purpose” TIE .


Gogar Church from SW


and viewed from West across the paddock

I have been based here since 1979 and presently share my workshop with three other designer-makers, John MacKinnon,  Chris Scotland and Sharon Kirby.

I work in native hardwoods. In practice this means oak, elm, ash, cherry, yew.

Apart from this HOME PAGE, special pages are currently devoted to the building, Gogar Church, and to the graveyard and its inhabitants, (living and dead),  to which we hope to add info and invite comments on an ongoing basis and to the developement of the neighbouring tramline.


7 Responses to “HOME PAGE”

  1. jacques Says:

    1/ Love your stuff

    2/ When is a blog a log i.e. a diary and not merely a website?

  2. chrisholmesblog Says:

    Thank you jacques.
    I dont know the essential difference between the two except that, in my case, I can update my blog quite easily ( and try to keep it topical to my work) whereas my website is frozen in time (about 4 years ago!) and I havent got my act together to do anything about that.
    Anyway, keep watching this space.
    Chris Holmes

  3. Dee Marrison Says:

    Hi Chris,
    well impressed, havent really seen your work before, and in answer to your question to one of the photos, “yes it does” if you know what I mean.

    keep in touch DeeX

  4. Joe Kilmartin Says:

    love your work very inspireing

  5. Frank Howie Says:

    Hi Chris
    I’m impressed! This is a very fine Weblog you’ve created for yourself.
    I’m still undecided re. whether I want one/do I need one, given that I have a website, http://www.frankhowie.com
    But that’s not the point, is it? Websites tend to be fairly static whereas the blog encourages interaction… and I like that!

    Jacques (above) seems to be raising the same question so we might see some weighty expounding on ‘the nature of the blog’

    So, as of tomorrow… well maybe the next day… or the next …I’ll resurect my embryonic blog, “Franksphotosplus!.
    By the way… the ‘wee’ dogs look great! No doubt growing exponentially!

  6. Kenny Says:

    Hi Chris

    Excellent blog. Well worth bookmarking.


  7. Margaret Parker nee. Grainger Says:

    Hello Chris, I did fill in the e-mail section in Leave a reply.However I have now found your address so will be incontact re the clearing of grave. I am not very ‘computer literate’ in fact a bit of a technophobe so I had not relized just where to look. Anyway thanks again

    Kind regards,

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