Something to Aim For

Putting a lot of other woodworkers’ efforts into perspective, have a look at this guy’s stuff. He’s called Livio de Marchi.

An amazing AMOUNT of work apart from anything else!

Does he do it all himself? I would guess not.

By way of example, this gives a whole new meaning to the expression  “cruising in the Ferrari”:-

wooden Ferrari on the canals of Venice

Ferrari wooden interior

and  his wooden house with wooden clothes hanging on the wall:-See lots more at the Livio de Marchi website. Click on it in my blogroll.


continuing the theme of “something to aim for” while putting local (i.e. Scottish) efforts into perspective ,it is also worth having a look at timber stocks in the Pennsilvaynia, USA, yard of Talarico Hardwoods. Look in particular at the section of their website devoted to “Amazing  Scottish Oak”.

Prime Scottish Oak Log at Talarico Hardwoods yard USA

This begs the question as to whether Scotland is some third world country to let logs of this quality go abroad.

Also, as a Scottish cabinetmaker wanting to incorporate the very best native oak in my furniture, why would I have to send to the States to get it?

Their website is accessible thru my blogroll.


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