Burr Elm Table with Magazine Shelf

This is an example of an item made to maximize the impact of a particular piece of wood, in this case a stunning slice of burr elm.  Larger holes are patched with small bits of burr and the myriad tiny, irregular holes are filled with so called “cold-cast brass” i.e. brass powder made into a paste with polyester resin which, when set hard, can be cut back and polished.

burr elm table with magazine shelf

detail of top


One Response to “Burr Elm Table with Magazine Shelf”

  1. Mary Says:

    This is the amazing Sky Shivvers, and his Mediocre Cow Dog , Skidboot. They did a lot of coutny fairs, etc. and always put on an amazing show. I heard that Skidboot passed away, but I’m not sure.

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