Simon Scott at Open Eye Gallery

I had a hectic few weeks up to and over Christmas/New Year working on mounts for some of the pieces in the Simon Scott exhibition at the Open Eye Gallery.  I will limit myself to saying that I didn’t know what I was letting myself in for when I was approached by Simon and his arch-collaborator Victor Albrow.

The exhibition combines the beautiful, the bizarre and the esoteric with wit and an unusual degree of accessability thanks to Simon’s brief essays which accompany each piece.  Victor Albrow’s immaculate photographs of pieces are themselves part of the exhibition.

I will add a couple of photos, for which thanks to Jane Scott ( they are  NOT Victor’s exhibition photos). They just happen to include mounts by myself, but I would urge everyone to grab the opportunity to see the whole thing for themselves.

Open Eye Gallery is at 34, Abercrombie Place, Edinburgh EH3 6QE until the 21st of Jan.   tel 0131 557 1020

Mon to Fri 10.00am to 6.00pm

Saturdays  10.00am to 4.00pm


politics-of-dancing (19th century Tailor's scissors on a burr-elm plinth)

home of the brave, land of the free?

home of the brave, land of the free? (miners' linnet cages on a yew-tree wall mount)

everything falls apart, sooner or later

everything falls apart, sooner or later ( an accidently broken fossil on a burr-elm wall mount)



2 Responses to “Simon Scott at Open Eye Gallery”

  1. simon scott Says:

    Chris Holmes is a genius – and that’s official. His work in mounting pieces for my show at The Open Eye Gallery was quite outstanding. Each object – from tailors’ scissors to a lumpy broken fossil to a line of thermometers presented a challenge of note.

    The most remarkable thing about Chris – other than his vast rear end (pictured on the blog) is his great sensitivity towards wood and his ability to make it do what he wants. You are ,of course, subjected to a degree of genial huffing and puffing. But he more than delivers. A privilege to be able to work with him.

    Simon Scott

  2. chrisholmesblog Says:

    Thanks Simon but I really meant for you to say a bit about your thinking behind the exhibition, the motivations that generated it….

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