Jeff the Cat

I have caused offence in certain quarters by promoting our new workshop member, Eddy the Bouvier, and ommiting to mention the pre-existent, feline occupant Jeff (or is that “Geoff”?). For the past 3 years he has been an important part of our workshop Pest-Control-Strategy. In fact, probably the whole of it.  Important because mice eat the plastic sheathing on the 3-phase electrics of the workshop with disastrous and expensive consequences, as we have found to our cost (as did the mice, presumably).

He is pictured here relaxing on a weekend off at home in his alernative, town-centre residence.


Eddy, now 3 months,  persists in trying to get him to play but continues to be met with disdain.  Here is the new boy today in a high wind on Blackford Hill.



4 Responses to “Jeff the Cat”

  1. CHARLIE Says:


  2. Diana Says:

    Jeff/Geoff the cat is a maginficent beast and I am glad he has proved to be such an effective pest control device. His mother is missing him.

  3. Frank Howie Says:

    Eddy should meet Myla some day soon. She’s about his size at the moment… soon to ‘overtake’ her!

  4. Dee Says:

    Love Eddy, what a big boy but how on earth does he manage to see!!

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