SFMA Exhibition

I showed a console table, in cherry and ash, and a pair of chairs, (native cherry}, at the annual Scottish Furniture Makers Association Exhibition in Edinburgh in October.

I have recently completed a set of 6 of these chairs in native cherry, (which, in Scotland, is called “gean”).  Because of its scarcity, and the demand for it for fine cabinetwork, one of the big yards down south (Duffields in Yorkshire) has now classified cherry as an ‘exotic’…. and priced it accordingly!  These chairs are £750 each.

The console table is partially inspired by the early sixties Maserati sports-racing car known as the “birdcage”.  Its incredibly low bodywork meant that the wheel arches rose dramatically above the bonnet line.  In my table, the floating top kicks up above the tops of the legs.

This console table, in cherry and ash, is for sale at £1175.


One Response to “SFMA Exhibition”

  1. Ayan Says:

    Review by BRYAN P JAYCOX for Rating: This cabinet almbsesy was interesting to the least. It’s allowed to be no tools almbsesy, that could be assuming they preassembled the various components correctly on the warehouse. If this arrived the preassembled back panel was screwed to both of them side panels incorrectly, among the many latches was missing a screw meaning it couldn’t hold any one the extra weight that it was intennded for, the wood panels wouldn’t fit together as people were cut, and some pieces were chipped on arrival.Even after her death completely disassembling the preassembled parts and reassembling them the predrilled holes for that dowels wouldn’t align plus the top shelp sticks above entry panel for that doors. This exposes an ugly unfinished particalboard side with the wood right in the front face with the cabinet. Frankly I’m embarrased to even utilize this furniture within my business.The corporation needs good quality Assurance department.

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