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Our part in the Wych Elm Project

October 25, 2008

Talking with Ian Edwards of the Royal Botanic Gardes, Edinburgh, I got the back of my legs slapped because I have not yet mentioned our participation in the Wych Elm Project.  This then is my attempt to rectify the omission.  With my colleague Sharon Kirby and the kids at Kaimes School, Edinburgh, we developed and installed an Acheivement Tree outside the school library.  It incorporated two of the planks from the Botanic’s Wych Elm as well as examples of timber from other native species.  See for more details including a forthcoming exhibition at the Botanics.

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Chester draws

October 25, 2008

Just a few of the chests of drawers (and similar-type pieces) I have made over the years.

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SFMA Exhibition

October 2, 2008

I showed a console table, in cherry and ash, and a pair of chairs, (native cherry}, at the annual Scottish Furniture Makers Association Exhibition in Edinburgh in October.

I have recently completed a set of 6 of these chairs in native cherry, (which, in Scotland, is called “gean”).  Because of its scarcity, and the demand for it for fine cabinetwork, one of the big yards down south (Duffields in Yorkshire) has now classified cherry as an ‘exotic’…. and priced it accordingly!  These chairs are £750 each.

The console table is partially inspired by the early sixties Maserati sports-racing car known as the “birdcage”.  Its incredibly low bodywork meant that the wheel arches rose dramatically above the bonnet line.  In my table, the floating top kicks up above the tops of the legs.

This console table, in cherry and ash, is for sale at £1175.