dining table with 2 chairs

In elm with burr top to table and burr seats on chairs.

table corner

In case the straight edge to edge jointing of boards is considered to make life too easy, this detail shows the curved jointing between adjacent burr elm boards. The advantage confered by curved jointing when working with burrs is that it allows the retention of patches of burr which would be lost with straight-edge jointing.  For the technically minded, a mating pair of curved edges is produced by copy-routing from matched MDF templates.  For the sinewy curves involved in this table, the templates themselves can be produced quite successfully with one single cut with a  portable jigsaw provided sufficient confidence is displayed. (All rather cryptic but these hints might prove helpful if you’re thinking of trying it).


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5 Responses to “dining table with 2 chairs”

  1. Frank Says:

    Unbiased as I am , this is distinctly above average! You know I mean well!
    Only joking … its all great as always!

  2. Freddie King Says:

    Well Chris,like all great craftsmen your work will be shown and marveled over for future generations to learn from.If I had the money and an ample abode I would place your masterpieces in every room……..great work my man! Freddie

  3. Abin Says:

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